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Residential Services

For over 28 years, securing businesses throughout the Lehigh Valley has been our family-owned business's speciality. Our customers' needs are what drives us to provide superior service and craftsmanship. All potential and existing customers can expect to receive a personal visit from any one of our bonded and insured team members upon initiation of an estimate, proposal or any emergency service. We begin by measuring space, checking location and determining if fire rating is required. Assessing correct hardware to compliment the look as well as offer the quality we take pride in providing. We have the ability to go from blueprint to finished product, with the understanding and proficient knowledge of local fire code compliances, life safety codes and so much more. Installation and cleanup are naturally part of the well-rounded customer top-rated satisfaction of service that is to be expected from our family-owned and operated company.
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Your home is important...very important! We highly recommend checking the integrity of your locks or contact us and we can inspect them for you.

Do you have a safe in your home to house your most precious belongings? How safe is your safe? Are you tired of your old mechanical combination dial but don't want to buy a whole new safe? Did you know that Keith's Lock & Door Service can take care of all of your safe needs? We service safes, repair combination dials, digital and can even swap your old combination dial for a new digital dial and can completely recondition your safe. We also have a variety of new and reconditioned safes in our shop for sale.
At Keith's Lock & Door service we recognize that the beauty of your home should also be secure. We offer installation of high-quality, secure storm doors and replacement doors and can help you choose a door that accents the decor of your home.

Have you recently purchased a new home? Are you sure you were given all the keys at settlement? We highly recommend having your home re-keyed, or having all of your locks replaced outright to ensure your new home is secure. If you choose new locks, we offer a high-quality line of digital locksets.
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New House Front Door — Locksmith in Coopersburg, PA
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a complimentary walk-through and can address all of your security needs. Our family is bonded and insured, and we feature prompt emergency service.