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Bathroom Cubicles Door Installation — Locksmith in Coopersburg, PA
Bathroom Cubicles— Locksmith in Coopersburg, PA
Door Lock Installation — residential lock outs in Coopersburg, PA
Front Door — Locksmith in Coppersburg, PA
Exit Door — Locksmith in Coopersburg, PA
New Exit Door — Locksmith in Coopersburg, PA
For over 28 years, securing businesses throughout the Lehigh Valley has been our family-owned business's speciality. Our customers' needs are what drives us to provide superior service and craftsmanship. All potential and existing customers can expect to receive a personal visit from any one of our bonded and insured team members upon initiation of an estimate, proposal or any emergency service. We begin by measuring space, checking location and determining if fire rating is required. Assessing correct hardware to compliment the look as well as offer the quality we take pride in providing. We have the ability to go from blueprint to finished product, with the understanding and proficient knowledge of local fire code compliances, life safety codes and so much more. Installation and cleanup are naturally part of the well-rounded customer top-rated satisfaction of service that is to be expected from our family-owned and operated company.
At Keith's Lock & Door Service, we specialize in the steel door and hardware needs of all commercial applications. We know the importance of the correct door for the right opening.

We are certified in ASSA High Security, made by one of the industry's largest companies, ASSA Abloy. These locks are pick-proof, bump-key proof, drill-proof and have been installed in homes, schools, health care facilities and government buildings. We also service Best, Schlage Primus, RXO and many other high-security locks.

Access control has become a large part of our industry. Pushbutton mechanical, pushbutton electronic, card access, key fob, electric strikes and mag locks are sold and services by Keith's Lock & Door Service. We also off wireless high security key systems with full audit trail of activity.
Keith's Lock & Door Service Van — Locksmith in Coopersburg, PA
Have you ever looked at that mess of keys on your keyring or in your desk drawer? Do you know what all those keys are for? Do you know that Keith's Lock & Door Service offers master keying for your building or campus? Master key systems help sort out area in which people need access to: hotels, churches, schools, commercial buildings and rental properties are all ideal for master key systems. Individuals can still have their own keys for access to places, but you can have one key for all locations.

Keith's Lock & Door Service also offers fire door inspections and other inspections which can help ensure your facility meets all life safety codes. Is your door opening up-to-date? Do you meet code compliance? Fire-rated doors are not only an important part of your building's security, but a crucial part of the building's overall fire protection plan. The door system for each opening is composed of multiple parts from the frame and the door. We guarantee code compliance which is evidenced by the factory labels and hardware selected for your application. Let the right materials keep your building safe and secure in the event of an emergency and let Keith's Lock & Door Service help you decide which materials are best for your application.

Outside the realm of your normal door we can also accommodate the need for toilet partitions. Our partitions are supplied to us by a company that uses recycled materials for a greener, better Earth.

We can accommodate existing masonry openings, new construction, interior/exterior doorways, sidelites, transom frames and door work.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a complimentary walk-through and can address all of your security needs. Our family is bonded and insured, and we feature prompt emergency service.